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Setting expectations.

The Standard is a temporary project space set up in a residential 1.5 stall garage.


Creatives in our communities face barriers as a direct result of race, gender, sex, and sexual orientation. We support a new model of connecting untapped creatives with the community through introductions, meaningful exchanges, and accessible art-collecting.

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Nestled in a residential neighborhood garage, the Standard is a 220 sq. ft. project space. We are geared toward igniting positive change through gatherings, art exhibitions, and artistic collaboration.

There is ample street parking.

The Standard is barrier-free from the sidewalk and driveway. 

Both soft and hard seating is available. 

No public restrooms.

We focus on connecting creative's with clients and buyers through accessible art collecting and forging sustained relationships. 

Hours + Admissions

The Standard is open during scheduled events posted on this page, and by appointment.

Admission for gallery events is always free.

COVID-19 Measures

The Standard has implemented the following measures to comply with the recommendations issued by the MDHHS and ensure the safety of visitors. 


Even though we have open air spaces, face coverings are mandatory for visitors.

4 visitors are allowed in the Standard at a time to safeguard that the required 6 foot distancing is maintained.

Visitors who do not live under the same roof must respect the 6 foot physical distancing at all times.

Hand sanitizer will be available.

Visitors must follow the designated one-way route through the gallery. Follow the signs on the floor.

Submit Your Proposal

We accept exhibition proposals on a continuous basis between November 1st and May 30th.

Submit your general proposal HERE.

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