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Stepping away from installation and experience-based work and returning to the static imagery that reminds me of my sense of "home", these drawings continue an exploration of the longing and comfort I find in patterns and spaces. My interest in architecture, furniture, and vintage goods is a departure point for my work. I’m a collector of objects -- objects that allow me to define my sense of "home". The act of acquiring household goods and materials, and undertaking home renovations, provides an illusory sense of permanence. Yet, these acts temporarily fill a void and provide solace.


I document objects, materials and both real and imagined spaces through drawings. I reduce my imagery to simple forms and colors and focus on the interplay between constructed spaces and patterning. These artificial constructs represent little fragments of utopias that simulate stability trough idyllic representations of "home". As I consider the emotional content of absence, longing, and the dynamics of relationships, these images become a reflection of ideals and elusive spaces.


While I'm interested in specific places and objects, I abstract and isolate their representation, allowing them to become more than what they are. Floor tiles and brick patterns become both described and abstracted while also allowing a basis for static, repetitive compositions. This sameness and lack of personal information within my imagery creates a level of familiarity…but is it only what we know that strikes a chord? Pointing toward what is absent and what resides, I focus on the spaces between: static objects and materials that remind us of home, the mental and physical barriers we erect, and the loneliness and longing that ensues.

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