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spark lab

The spark lab is an experimental, uncurated space, that is open to

any student or student group. The

lab serves to nurture and promote

the possibilities within art and design practices under the guidance of

gallery professionals.


Exhibit your work, prototype a project, create an installation, curate a show, host an open critique or workshop, or use the space as a performance area. We provide the catalyst for you to ignite your passion.


*Bright ideas begin here.

With limited options for students to display practice and process on campus, housed in the Fed Galleries of the WNF building, spark lab is open to all students and student groups interested in gaining applied experience.

Self-discovery and reflection are essential to the creative process. The Spark Lab is a dynamic, experimental space, presenting a constant flux of vital programming that nurtures and promotes the vast possibilities within art and design practices.


Each week a new student or student group occupies the space in order to continue developing their creative skills while also generating and inspiring fieldwork.

spark lab aims to:

•Provide an atmosphere that supports 

  student's creations and collaborative efforts.

•Provide a space where students can practice

  their developing skills and concepts.

•Generate and inspire fieldwork.

•Provide a hive mind of resources related to

  gallery opportunities, installations, professional

  artwork  presentation, and gallery protocol. 

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