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Sentimental Ornamentation


Exhibiting Artists: 

Elizabeth Heyert | Nene Humphrey

Anya Kivarkis | Yuni Kim Lang

Spencer Merolla | Tim Powers

Jonathan Wahl | Marcel Wanders 

Renee Zettle-Sterling


Artifacts on loan from the Grand Rapids Public Museum


Throughout history, many traditions and rituals have been observed in relation to death and dying. Sentimental Ornamentation converges historical Victorian mourning practices and contemporary interpretations, in order to consider the complex codes of death practices and cultural obsessions with jewelry, clothing, and mementos associated with mourning.​


Over the last decade, the era’s impact on art and design has resurfaced time and time again. This exhibition places historical Victorian mourning fashions on loan from the Grand Rapids Public Museum, next to the work of contemporary artists and designers who celebrate and translate the concepts and aesthetics of an iconic era.

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