Humor in Craft

From the Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA

3.4.14 – 4.17.14


Curated by artist and author Brigitte Martin and organized by the Society for Contemporary Craft, Humor in Craft presents 33 highly ironic, political, sarcastic, and just plain amusing works by 32 makers from across the US and abroad. Highlighting a diverse range of materials, techniques and artists, the show challenges viewers to move beyond their own frames of reference when considering approaches to contemporary art. The concept of “funny” can vary widely based on a variety of factors such as social background, personal experiences and values, knowledge of popular culture events, education, national origin, etc. There are overlaps but also differences in humor perception. For the artists in this exhibition, hardly any topic is off-limits, apparently everything can be made fun of. And why not laugh at the human foibles, the banana-peel jokes, and, yes, the politicians. 

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