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Heather Cassils

Wielding Power

Selected works by Susan Graham

3.1.16 – 4.16.16


Wielding Power is the manifestation of artist Susan Graham's fascination with the moment before or just at the first awareness of an occurrence of violence in which the brutal outcome can be known or imagined. These instances of stillness and suspension are explored first through Graham's lacy filigreed sculptures of guns. Made out of porcelain, these sculptures of dangerous objects lay inert in their cases, sending a mixed message that reflects both a basic human ambivalence to guns and the artist's own mixed feelings of desire, nostalgia, and apprehension toward guns. Similarly, Graham's disturbingly arresting black and white photographs, in which ominous skies dominate catastrophic landscapes, are nonetheless imbued with a certain familiarity that evokes feelings of home or sweetness.

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