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Dredged | Drawn

Co-curated by Michele Bosak and Israel Davis

Exhibiting artists: 

Jesse AlbrechtBrian Caponi Lilli Carré

Benjamin DeMott Emily DukeShannon Goff

Del HarrowMyung Jin Kim | Mathew McConnell 

Allan RosenbaumValerie Zimany

Drawing as a verb is broad in its definition. For the exhibiting artists, drawing emerges through printed imagery, scrawled surfaces, lines of coils and wire armatures, all which abstract form and blur the line between two and three dimensions. Each artist is a maker who uses drawing to produce work as an act of visual inquiry. Where the physical act of hand to eye to create line and document process, becomes an endeavor to contemplate systems of identity, beauty, memory, and space. For these artists drawing is not just a tool, but rather an innate facet of their practice. 

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