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Michele Bosak (Chicago, IL) is a curator currently based in Grand Rapids, MI. She holds an MFA from Northern Illinois University in Drawing and Museum Studies, where she was the recipient of the Medici Award and a Distinguished University Fellowship. Since 2013 she's fulfilled the role as Curator of Exhibitions for Kendall College of Art & Design. Working for a non-collecting institution, she curates original exhibitions and programming designed to engage both academics and the local community. 


Michele encourages a deeper awareness of contemporary creation and showcases a diverse cross-section of challenging contemporary works from both artists and designers who are good humans and who reflect on the positive impacts they can create in varied social, cultural, political and economic interests. She examines contemporary discourses at the intersection of art, design, and technology with an emphasis on women and queer culture. 


As an experienced artist, Michele has great insight into the guidance and management of artists throughout the creative process and serves as a mentor to both students and peers. In addition to curating independently and institutionally for the past ten years, she is also an art and design consultant.

Photo Credit: Matt Gubancsik

Artist: Juile Green, The Last Supper 

Curatorial Projects



            Master of Fine Arts, Drawing / Sculpture
            Museum Studies Certification,
            Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL
            University Fellowship Recipient and Medici Award for Graduate Achievement 


            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture
            Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI
            Academic Honors


S E L E C T  C U R A T O R I A L  P R O J E C T S

Curator of Exhibitions, Fed Galleries at Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI

2020   Selling SexismCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2019   IGNITE: Emerging Curator Project - Mandy Cano

           Surface Matters: Designing for the BodyCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Overlap+Dissolve: A Lifelong Collaboration, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2018   She Stares BackCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Focus on KCAD | Collections, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Focus on Faculty | Influence, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           The Sum of Its Parts - Jason Peters, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2017   Resort - Andrew Ellis Johnson and Susanne Slavick, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Knockoffs: Originality, Theft, and Everything In Between, Curator, Exhibition Designer

           Society of Spectacle, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Shape of Self | Work by Riva Lehrer, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Sentimental Ornamentation, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Left Behind | Work by Jennifer Loeber, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2016   Cultural Landscapes, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

Thukral + Tagra: Walk of Life, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

Ripple Effect: From Industry to Environment in the Kalamazoo River Basin

Darshan | Seeing, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2015   SightlinesCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

Evolution of the Artist, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2014   Humor in Craft, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Shifting Landscapes | Work by Michael PfleghaarCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Michigan Modern: Killing ItCo-Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Money Matters, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Assuming Positions, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Always NewCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2013   Graphic Design: Now in Production (Traveling) Coordinator

           Contemporaries: Then and Now, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Designed to Win, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2012   Progressions: Syd Mead, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Role/Play, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Drawn: Kim Cridler and Jonathan Wahl, Coordinator, Exhibition Designer

           Acts of RecognitionCurator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2011   Then Again, Maybe Not, Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Cosmic Theater | Selected Works by Michiko Itatani, Curator, Exhibition Design

2010   Justin Quinn; Recent Works, Coordinator, Exhibition Designer, Kendall Gallery

           Ethan Murrow: Drawings and Prints, Curator, Coordinator

2009   Kelli Connell: Photographs, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

Other Curatorial Projects

2010, UICA-Lead Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2009   Material Afterlife, UICA-Lead Curator, Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

2008   Gabriel Bizen Akagawa: CrateSpace, NIU Museum-Coordinator

           Peggy Macnamara: Nature Paintings, NIU Museum-Exhibition Designer, Coordinator

           Revisiting Modern Japanese Prints, NIU Museum-Organizer

           Ayomi Yoshida: Yedoensis, NIU Museum-Organizer

2007   BEing OPEN: 30 Years, 30 Artists, 30, Careers, UICA-Lead Curator, Exhibition Designer

2006   Drawing No Conclusions: A Survey of Contemporary Drawing, UICA-Lead Curator,                      

               Exhibition, Designer, Coordinator 

               Awards Juror: Dominic Molon, Curator Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

           Blue Sky, Black Earth: Meditations on the Meeting of the Sky and Land, NIU Museum-Exhibition                 Designer, Organizer

           Undercover: An Exhibition of Artists’ BooksUICA-Co-Curator, Organizer

           Succession: A Painting ExhibitionUICA-Co-Curator, Organize

2005   Exposure X 9, UICA-Co-Curator, Organizer

2004   Fresh MaterialsUICA-Co-Curator, Organizer

           (Re)NarrateUICA-Co-Curator, Organizer

           New AbstractionsUICA-Co-Curator, Organizer

2003   The Funnel, UICA-Co-Curator



2015   Queering, Group Exhibition, Spiral Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

2013   Variations On A Line, Group Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI 
           Installation Nation, Group Exhibition, Primary Colours, Indianapolis, IN
           Slide Wars, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI
           ArtPrize, Old Federal Building, Grand Rapids, MI
           NEVER THINK small!, Group Exhibition, Climate/Gallery, Long Island, NY
2009   Little Hang Ups, Group Exhibition, Bryneboehm Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI
           Mixed Bag, Group Exhibition, Gallery 104, Grand Rapids, MI
           Cross-Pollination, Group Exhibition, Surface Gallery, Bakersfield, CA
2010   Site Lab, Grand Rapids, MI
           Death Wins, Richard App Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI
           whereabouts, Two-person exhibition with Kim Strom, Cave44, Challex, France
           (a)wake, Group Exhibition, 89 Ionia, Grand Rapids, MI
2011   Associations, Group Exhibition, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids,

           10 x 10 : UNIFORM, Group Exhibition, Suite 100 Gallery, Seattle, WA
           Pile Up, Group Exhibition, Chicago Arts District Exhibitions Space, Chicago ,
           The Space Foundation in partnership with UICA, Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI          
           19th Annual Women of Achievement and Courage Celebration, The Michigan Women's
2008   Mountain: A Force of Faketure, Group Exhibition, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL
           Between Us, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Noir, Grand Rapids, MI,

          The Space Between Us, MFA Exhibition, 214 Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           The Polish Connection, Group Exhibition, Nehring Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Gabriel Bizen Akagawa: Unpacked/Offset, Group Exhibition, Collaboration with Jessica Witte,
                NIU Art Museum, Rotunda Gallery, DeKalb, IL
2007   Getting Closer, Two-person Exhibition with Kelly Allen, Byrneboehm Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI
           Pamiatki, Akademia Sztuk Piknych w Katowicach, Katowice, Poland

           A Common Line, Group Exhibition, Gallery 214, DeKalb, IL
           Conception, Group Exhibition, Pleasant Street Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Message Sent…, Group Exhibition, Gallery 214, DeKalb, IL
           Postcard Salon Exhibition, Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI
2006   Sculpture Review, Group Exhibition, Pleasant Street Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Breaking Ground, Group Exhibition, #9 Design, Elmhurst, IL
           Group Graduate Show, Pleasant Street Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Memoir, Group Exhibition, Blue Door Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Green Space, Group Exhibition, Courtyard Installation, Jack Arends School of Art NIU,DeKalb, IL
           Recycled Moments, Solo Exhibition, Bad Dog Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Space 1, Group Exhibition, Free Radical Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI
           Kitties, Cats, and Hand Grenades, Group Exhibition, Pleasant Street Gallery, DeKalb, IL  
           Women’s History, Group Exhibition, Dekalb Area Women’s Gallery, DeKalb, IL
           Graduate Group Exhibition, Jack Olson Gallery, DeKalb, IL  
2005   Jekyll & Hyde, Group Exhibition, Pleasant Street Gallery, DeKalb, IL
2004   A Common Dialogue, Visual Arts Committee Collaborative Exhibition, Urban Institute for   
                Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI
2003   Observation of the Flesh, Two-Person Exhibition, Student Gallery, Kendall College of Art And
2002   5 x 5 x 5, Group Exhibition, Lo-Fi Project Site, Grand Rapids, MI



Selected Juried Exhibitions


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