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The Way forward: Part 2


Exhibiting Artists: 

Krista Hoefle, Anthony Sonnenberg,

Kiki Jia-Qi Zhen

As the global pandemic continues to create monumental shifts in our lives, what can we learn from creatives? Artists, designers, and scholars are critical thinkers and problem-solvers–they use their time to consider and explore their practice's emotional and cognitive benefits. Their work can inspire, inform, bring people and ideas together, and tap into feelings and experiences in a way that is not often expressed in other forms. As creatives negotiate time during our new normal, how do institutions and organizations best champion their energies and efforts–by providing support and platforms to amplify their voices.


It's quite simple. When we allow creatives to be found, be located, be positioned, be present, it provides them the opportunity to be experimental and take the necessary risks to advance their practice. This exhibition showcases three artists who are taking the time to process and experience how they move through this world. They consider their surroundings and extended communities, experiment with materials and modes of presentation, and intentionally build spaces that shift perceptions and enact social change.


It's always the right time to value the arts and invest in creatives. So we hold space for these artists, their practice and works, the same way they create space for themselves and others. They each have a keen awareness of what personal responsibility, generous community, and intentional places can look like. And, it's through the lens of that connectedness that empowers us to understand ourselves and others on a deeper level.


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