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The Art of Living Together


Featured Installation by: Brian Petrone 

Spaces reveal a great deal about their inhabitants. They reflect

what we prefer, inform what we do, and affect how we're perceived.

UICA's move from a boldly contemporary dwelling to a classical

Beaux-Arts-style building on the KCAD campus raises exciting

questions about how we make a space that was not initially built for

us feel inherently like our own. How do we re-envision this monumental

structure and provide new and alternate ways of experiencing

the spaces in and around it? How can we cultivate unconventional

relationships between interiors and exteriors, and by extension, between

artists and audiences?

Petrone's site-specific installation considers the common perceptions

of the building as a historical place of business and alerts the

city that something new and exciting is happening. This bold display

of brightly colored spheres activates the building and outdoor

spaces and invites visitors to admire and explore the building.

Cheerful and playful shapes rise from the grounds, expand from

windows, perch on the rooftop, and welcome passersby to this rejuvenated

space that celebrates new life, new beginnings, and a

KCAD and UICA symbiosis.


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