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Designed to Win

Shimmerings of the Not Yet (T)Here

works by José Santiago Pérez

Shimmerings of the Not Yet (T)Here gathers sculptural works made between 2020-2022 that explore ancestry, memory, identity, and belonging through a sustained engagement with craft. Each piece is handmade with synthetic materials that are imbued, through touch, with recollections of the past and twinklings of brighter futures.


Ranging from large abstract baskets to a collection of small sculptures, pliable planes, and wall-based sculptures, the works in this exhibition share a focused color palette, sustained use of mylar emergency blankets and plastic lacing, and the repetitive processes of coiling, knotting, and braiding. 


Together the works in this exhibition shimmer as they reflect and refract light, ideas, and resonances. Shimmer, Roland Barthes suggested in 1977, is a quality that undermines binary thinking through its mutability and ongoing play of differentiation. Similarly, the works in this exhibition shimmer between personal and collective experience, contemplative speculation, and celebratory vibrancy. They shimmer between Mesoamerican antiquities, the space age, and a queer sensitivity. They shimmer…between masks, mirrors, ritual objects, and vessels - objects that transform perception and transport the imagination. 

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